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Hey guys, this is my legacy.



Seven Years Later…..

This is our beautiful home, located in the hills of Bridgeport, the Alpine. Bambi has moved out, since becoming a Master Mixoligist and marrying her husband, whom she has had five kids with!

I’ve since married the love of my life, Cyrus. He is a CEO of SimMansions, Inc. and a wonderful father to our little daughter Amelie.

Apart from just enjoying motherhood, I have climbed to the top of my career. I’m currently head chef at Bridgeport’s most trendy restaurant, the Purple Llama. I love my job and my family more than ever.

Syd has achieved his dream, becoming a Superstar Athlete. In the process, he’s met someone very special….

Roxie is not just a trophy wife. Though she’s beautiful, she is also at the peak of her career, also as a sports superstar.

They have had a beautiful daughter, about two months younger than Amelie. They named her Moxie, which is perfect because even though she’s young, she is spunky!

Starr has gone on to be a famous actress! These are only a few of her awards. She’s so famous, I can’t even take her picture without getting sued! She’s secretly dating an up and coming director, and he told me he was going to propose! But shhh, I’m not supposed to tell anyone.

Life seems better than ever! Then one day, while lounging by the pool, I get a call on my cell phone.

“Mrs. Trixie Bales?” the mystery voice asks.

“This is she.” I reply, wondering what the call is about.

“Mrs. Bales, I regret to inform you that your mother Dallas, has passed away.”

“What?!” I sputter. Ten thousand thoughts whir in my head.

“Babe, are you alright?” Cyrus asks me, jumping up from his lounge chair, where he was putting more sunscreen on Amelie’s pale baby skin.

“What happened to her?” I ask the voice on the other line.

“Well, she was in bad health, and she just passed on late last night.”

“Trixie, what’s the matter?” Cyrus persists. I hold up my hand to tell him to wait a minute.

“I’m so sorry, Mrs. Bales.”

“Does my father know?” I ask, half-knowing the answer.

“Well, Mrs. Bales, I’m afraid I bring more bad news. While trying to contact him about Dallas’s passing, we discovered that Mr. Bales is also no longer with us.”

“What happened to him?” I ask, surprisingly calm.

“Well, erm, we don’t really know. But we do know that when we called, a young woman answered, claiming to be his daughter, age twenty-three. She didn’t disclose much, except that her mother lived in Twinbrook, then moved. The young woman didn’t say where they moved, but the number we called had a Riverview area code.”

“Riverview? That’s only a half-hour drive from where we used to live!” I exclaimed.

“Well, would you like her phone number, so you can get more information?” she asks.

I think about this for a moment.

“No.” I say defiantly. I’ve finally decided to put the past behind me. “Thank you, is there anything else?” I ask.

“No, Mrs. Bales. Again, I’m so sorry for your losses. With you as the oldest of the Bales children, I called you first, and I will contact your siblings as well.”

“I live with my brother, so just call my sisters. Thanks, ma’am. Have a nice evening.”

“You also, Mrs. Bales.”

I hang up.

I tell Cyrus, Roxie, and Syd about it at dinner. About my mother passing, alone in our old house. About my father having cheated on her while he was away on ‘business’ all those nights. Who knew how many other children he had! And also about my father dying. “Trixie, Syd, I’m so sorry.” our spouses say. But I really don’t feel anything inside. I’m actually relieved that I don’t have to worry about where my parents are, or who they are with. I tell them this, and they agree.

I go to bed that night, with Amelie and Roxie safely in their cribs, snuggling their teddy bears. I vow to myself to always be a good mother and aunt. I’ll never leave my child feeling the way my siblings and I felt, or provoke them to do what we did.

I’ve been on the run, and I’m never going back.

The End…..for now.








Chapter Five: A New Place To Call Home

When our bus pulls up to the stop, the city’s lights are flashing. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful before.

“It’s amazing.” Bambi gasps.

“Well I’m glad you like it, since we sure as heck aren’t going back to dinky little Twinbrook.” Syd jokes and we all laugh.

“So Trix, where’s our apartment?” Starr asks me.

The bus station is only a few blocks from our new apartment, Veranda Villas, so I lead them there. While at the library in Twinbrook just before we left, I saw the apartment on their computer for a great price of only one thousand Simoleans a month and snatched it up right away. The building is in an up-and-coming neighborhood of Bridgeport. Plus, it has amazing views of both the city and the water. At least, that’s what the fast-talking real-estate agent who sold me the penthouse online said.

But it turns out it’s true. All of it. The views are incredible, and there’s tons of space. Downstairs, there’s a top-notch kitchen with an eating area and a mini living room with a nice TV. Then, there’s a small bedroom for Syd. There’s also a deck that overlooks the city.

The upstairs has a large, open area which will serve as Starr’s, Bambi’s and my bedroom for a while. It also has a very nice bathroom.

Even though it’s no castle, it’s the nicest place we’ve ever been in.

Syd cooks us a quick dinner of mac ‘n’ cheese. It turns out it tastes really good.

We eat our macaroni with the breathtaking skyline of Bridgeport as our backdrop. It seems like just yesterday we were on the run…. Oh wait, it was yesterday. That’s amazing to me.

We sit outside on the deck and watch the stars, talking and laughing about everything.

Off in the distance, I can see the faint lights of Twinbrook. I look at them for a while, and think of Mom. Mom who we’ll never see again, and of Dad, who we’ll never see again. It’s sad, but it’s happy. It’s melancholy.

We head off to bed, with me still thinking about how melancholy it all is.

I wake up a little earlier than my siblings, so I decide I’ll make them some nice waffles. After I grab a plate for myself and wolf it down, I head out the door, leaving a note for my siblings. It says: “Made you all some waffles. Going out to find a job. -Trix”

I decide to apply for a job as a cook at the local Bistro, a dream I’ve had for a long time. However, I have to start as a busboy first.

Syd lands a job as a snack boy at the stadium. He’s hoping to climb the job ladder and become a Superstar Athlete.

Bambi and Starr apply for part-time jobs. Bambi works at the bookstore, and Starr at the spa.

Everything’s falling into place.

Even for me.

Chapter Four: Changes

Meanwhile, our parents are arguing at home.

“It’s your fault we haven’t found those kids after two days!” Judd accuses.

“Me? You’re the one who kept letting them leave. All you did was sleep!”

“Well maybe we should just end this.” Judd says.

“What?” asks Dallas.

“Our marriage.”

“Fine with me! Get out of my house! I don’t care! I’ll take the kids. Just get out. Now.”

Judd leaves. We’ll never hear from him again.

My siblings and I are at the pool for the night, since the townspeople are probably getting suspicious that we keep going to the fire station.

And it’s birthday time for Syd and me!

And Mom.

And that morning, Bambi and Starr age up too. We all turned out pretty good-lookin’, huh?

This means we can finally move.

I hang out with my siblings for a while at the park. Then, I spot something on the horizon line I’ve never noticed before.

The bright lights from the city made that part of the sky look purple.

“Look guys! That has to be Bridgeport!” I exclaim, pointing at the skyline.

Yesterday, I told my brother and sisters about Bridgeport, a place far enough away. It’s a huge city with lots of great job opportunities.

We go back home to tell our parents we’re moving.

But we realize our dad isn’t there.

I find Mom out back. “Where’s Dad?” I ask.

“He left. We’re over.” she said, trying to sound like she didn’t care.

“Oh.” I said, trying to be casual. But I’m so happy! We’ll never have to see him again.

“Look, Mom. Syd, Starr, Bambi, and I are adults now. We’re moving.” I tell her.

“You have no money!” she shouts, looking desperate.

“We’ve been scrapping and saving since we were six. Look Mom, I’m sorry, but you can’t give us anything, so we’re moving.”

“No Trixie! You’re not leaving.”

“Yes I am.”

“I’ll lock you in the house. You won’t be able to leave!”

“You’ve done nothing but try to restrict me my whole life. And I’m sick of it! I’m an adult, and I can leave at any time!” I shout.

The sun is rising now.

“We’re leaving and you can’t stop us!” I yell.

She slaps me. “THAT’S IT!” I yell. I go inside, change my clothes, and tell my siblings we’re leaving.

Our mom watches us leave. We say goodbye as we pass but she doesn’t respond. There’s almost a sadness in her eyes…

“You guys, I’ll catch up with you at the bus station.” I tell my siblings as I leave the cab.

“Alright Trix.”

I try to apologize to my mother one last time as the sky turns a nasty shade of dark grey.

But she denies me. “Trixie, too bad. You’ve made your decision. Leave.”

In spite of myself, I try to hug her before I leave her forever.

“Seriously Trixie, leave.”

“Alright.” I say. I’m not hurt, I’m actually glad she’s being so gruff. I don’t think I could handle it if she was all mushy-gushy.

I meet up with Syd, Starr, and Bambi in front of the bus stop.

“Okay guys. This is it.” I say. The sun starts to slowly come out. Maybe that’s a good sign.

But maybe not for all of us……



Chapter Three: A New Hideout

When the policewoman drops us off at home, our mother yells at us. We’re grounded for two days, which will make getting caught even worse.

Starr tries to get out of trouble by grudgingly doing chores, but it doesn’t work.

So, when our mother goes to sleep, we sneak out again.

It’s surprising that our parents haven’t tried to restrain us from leaving, but hey, I’m not complaining.

Bambi has an idea and leads us to the local fire station.

There isn’t anyone there, and there are lots of beds and showers that we can use for free.

We’re so exhausted, we immediately go upstairs and to sleep.

And later that morning, we go to school for the first time in a while.

Our teachers are happy to know that we had gotten over the ‘chicken pox’ that kept us out of school for a week.

Meanwhile, our dad has gotten himself arrested. His criminal job lands him a night behind bars.

We receive a notice saying that Syd and I are going to graduate soon.

And the next morning, Bambi and Starr get the same notice.

This means we are very close to being able to move!

Maybe if we want to make it that long, we should avoid trampolines….

Chapter Two: Trixie’s Plan Explained

Phase One of my plan means going to the grocery store and using some money to buy fruit.

And a trip to the bike store while our parents are at home, thinking they sent us out to get milk. These bikes will be very handy for us while we’re on the run.

It’s probably time I reveal our plan. Every night, we’ll sneak out of the house. Our parents work at night, so they’ll have no idea. While trying to avoid the cops, we’ll sleep and eat where we can. We may or may not go to school each day.

It’s ten o’clock, only an hour until curfew. Syd, Bambi, Starr and I hung out on the playground at the school, like we did when we were little.

And this scary-looking lady decides to join us.

Meanwhile, our parents are at home sleeping, having left ‘work’ early. They are so wrapped up in themselves they probably didn’t even notice we were gone.

Afraid of getting caught, I lead us to an old , abandoned park. “Perfect place to sleep.” I tell my siblings.

We pull out our sleeping bags and try to get some rest, as we’re all pretty tired. I never really fall asleep though. I’m alert, in case we have to run from the cops.

Surprisingly, we get through the night without being caught.

“Good job, Trix. The plan worked great!” Syd congratulated me.

“I knew it would Syd, but it’s not over yet.” I tell him.

Bambi and Starr congratulate me also.

At home, our parents have finally realized that we aren’t at home.

“Dallas, those geeky kids probably went to school early.”

We spend all morning at the abandoned park, then use some money to get lunch. I’m worried that our parents are looking for us.

But it turns out they couldn’t care less where we are.

Until my mother gets a phone call.

“What do you mean they weren’t in school?”

While our parents are at ‘work’, we take advantage of the empty house. We each grab a shower and sleep a little bit.

But I worry about what our parents will do if they come home and find us after being gone for over a day.

Right when we’ve all had a shower and are about to leave, our parents come home.

She scolds us for skipping school.

Luckily, we’re not grounded. But if we step out of line again, we will be.

Our parents go to do the laundry and we sneak out to eat dinner at the diner we ate lunch at.

Normal people’s lives go on around us.

While we’re out, we decide to have some fun. We throw eggs at a huge mansion on the ritzy, fancy side of town.

It looks like we’re about to get thrown off the lot, but the residents don’t care at all!

But this woman does.

She lectures us about pranks the whole ride back.

But something much worse is waiting for us at home.

Chapter One: A Mysterious Plan

Hello and welcome to my new story, On The Run. If you enjoy it, please tell your friends. Feedback in the comments is appreciated.

I wrote this with The Sims 3. It is an action-drama, but it has a bit of comedy. This story is about four teens in Twinbrook who try to escape their awful home. Will curfew keep them prisoners to their parents?

Chapter One: A Mysterious Plan


Hello. My name is Trixie Bales. I’m the oldest of the Bales children. I’m seventeen, and I can’t wait to turn eighteen so that I can move with my siblings. I don’t know where we’ll go, but anywhere is fine as long as it’s far away from our crazy parents.

This is my brother Syd. He’s sixteen, and he’s very protective, especially of me. He’s the best brother ever.


Here’s my sister, Starr. She’s fifteen and my favorite sibling, but our parents’ least favorite child. They dislike her because she’s sassy and talks back alot.

This is Bambi. She’s Starr’s fraternal twin. Our mother doesn’t like her because Bambi is beautiful and our mom is… well…

Our mother, Dallas Bales, is… this. Lovely, isn’t she? She, like our father, is evil and hates kids. She loves to torment other people, especially us, her children.

Our father, Judd Bales, is just as hideous and evil. His favorite target is Starr.

Here’s our pathetic little shack in the swamps of Twinbrook. The only good part about the place is the pretty pond.

This is the inside. Our parents sleep in the bed…

While we are left to the damp floor in these sleeping bags. Little did we know they would come in handy very soon.


Mom is calling Starr a llama again. It’s part of her morning ritual.

While their relationship continues to suffer, Dad scares Bambi.

Bambi storms off and Starr, having had enough of Mom, tries to go inside. But she’s stopped by Dad. After arguing, he slaps her.

She comes over and tells me how upset she is. Even though it’s certainly not the first time it’s happened, it bothers Starr every time.

“It’ll be okay.” I whisper as I pull her in for a hug. “Besides, I have a plan.”

With Mom and Dad in the house, I tell them my plan. Starr adds in some ideas of her own.

“So, are you in?” I ask them.

They both nod and we brainstorm some more. When we have what we think is a simple but smart plan, I go over to tell Syd.

“Trix, you’re out of your mind!” he shouts, his eyes as wide as saucers.

“Shhh. And maybe I am, but it’s our only way out of here.” I say back defiantly.

“Alright, well I’m in. But if we get in trouble-” he agrees hastily.

“Yay! And don’t worry, we won’t.” I tell him.

But I’m not so sure….

Meanwhile, Mom finds this a perfect time to take a little ‘nap’.


What will happen in Chapter Two: Trixie’s Plan Explained?

What is Trixie’s plan?

Find out in a few days!